2021 CHRYSLER 300

2021 CHRYSLER 300

The big sedan is at its twilight.

Supplanted by the SUV/Crossover, what was one the core of any lineup of any American brand has been diminished due to lack of consumer interest.

If you still want a big sedan, Stellantis has a couple to choose from. One of them is the Chrysler 300. Yes, it is still sold as new even though the rumors of its demise have been proven as false. In fact, Stellantis intends to continue to produce through 2023.

For your consideration, we did manage to get a 2021 Chrysler 300 S to see if this big sedan is still worth considering.

2021 CHRYSLER 300

Even in its second generation, the 300’s design has always been polarizing. You either love it or dislike it. The 300 S is a blacked-out affair with the grille, badging, and the 20-inch wheels.  The blacked-out grille flanked by two LED and projector beam headlamp clusters. LED taillights round out the exterior package offering a sportier look for a premium sedan.

Inside the 300 S are a pair of sporty from seats wrapped in black leather with the S emblem on the seatbacks. They are nicely bolstered and somewhat comfortable. Power adjustments for rake, height, recline and lumbar support is available to the driver. The seats get used to the driver over long periods of time, but it does take some getting used to in the center of the backrest. Few adjustments to the lumbar will counterbalance this feeling. Room is great up front, while back seat occupants enjoy a nice cabin for people just above six-feet tall.

2021 CHRYSLER 300

The instrument panel features ice blue mood lighting for the instrumentation and the huge 8.4-inch TFT center screen. For the 300 S, you get piano black accents where satin trim would be used in the regular 300. The overall affect is very monochromatic, but the ice blue lighting offsets it nicely. Two large dials flank a sizeable TFT screen for trip, fuel economy and vehicle readouts. Climate control blows cold or hot – and works quite well front and back.

Trunk space is quite large, measuring out at 16.3 cubic Feet. There is a bit of a step-down for luggage, while you can fold down the rear seatbacks in a 60/40 split for longer items.

2021 CHRYSLER 300

Powering most of the 300’s trim levels is the venerable 300-horsepower the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6. It is not blistering fast, but it offers a good roar when needed. Otherwise, it is a quiet engine that is willing and able to rocket down the highway.

Connected to the V6 engine is an 8-speed automatic transmission, driving back to the rear wheels in our tester. he shifts are smooth and unobtrusive and drives very well. We also averaged 25.5 MPG, which was better than we expected.

2021 CHRYSLER 300

The overall driving experience is pretty sporty. The 300 S offers a stiffer ride than the rest of the line, where the suspension will react to bumps and uneven road surfaces. There is also some lean and roll through the turns. Otherwise, the 300 has a “big” feel to it when roads are smooth and straight. Braking is solid once the pedal is tapped in both normal and panic situations.

When driving the 300, understand that its size and mainly upright haunches can truly create some interesting moments while maneuvering around corners and tight areas. The steering system is the culprit since its vague road feel and turning action makes the 300 tough to turn quickly in these situations.

2021 CHRYSLER 300

Pricing for our 2021 300 S model came to $44,155. The 2022 300 lineup starts at $33,740 with four trim levels to choose from. If our tester was a 2022 model, it would be priced at $43,945 with some optional equipment on our 300 S made standard.

The big sedan still exists, as demonstrated by our 300 S. The Dodge Charger and Nissan Maxima will remain through 2023, while the Toyota Avalon will end its run this year.

Just like the rest of the automotive market, you could get lucky finding a brand-new Chrysler 300. Or, you could pick one up as a pre-owned model. Either way, the Chrysler 300 is a reminder of what a big sedan used to be – and, in this case, still is.

Story Credits: CarSoup Editors

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