The Best Mini Cooper for 2024: Go Electric or Stay Classic?

The Best Mini Cooper for 2024: Go Electric or Stay Classic?

The Mini Cooper has long been a favorite for drivers seeking a stylish, fun-to-drive car with a unique personality. For 2024, the iconic hatchback gets a major update, with the biggest change being the introduction of a significantly improved electric model alongside the traditional gas-powered options. So, which Mini Cooper is the best for you in 2024? Let's take a closer look at both options.

The All-Electric Mini Cooper SE:

The 2024 Mini Cooper SE is a game-changer for the brand. Gone are the days of range anxiety and sluggish performance. The new SE boasts a nearly doubled battery capacity, pushing its range to an impressive 400+ kilometers (250+ miles ) on a single charge. This makes it a viable option for everyday driving, not just city commutes.

But the SE isn't just about practicality. It's still a blast to drive, with zippy acceleration and the sharp handling Mini is known for. The electric motor delivers instant torque, making it a joy to navigate city streets and twisty roads. And let's not forget the distinctive Mini styling, which now includes some cool EV-specific touches like the Union Jack charging port cover.

The Classic Mini Cooper:

For those who prefer the traditional gasoline engine, the 2024 Mini Cooper Hardtop and Convertible are still available with upgraded powertrains. The base Cooper now packs a punch with 192 horsepower, while the Cooper S pumps out a thrilling 228 horsepower. Both engines are mated to a smooth-shifting 8-speed automatic transmission, although a sporty manual gearbox is still available for the ultimate enthusiast experience.

The 2024 Mini Cooper also benefits from some interior and tech upgrades. The new digital instrument cluster and central touchscreen offer a modern and user-friendly interface. And with a variety of customization options, from vibrant paint colors to quirky interior accents, you can truly make your Mini your own.

So, which Mini Cooper is right for you?

Ultimately, the best Mini Cooper for 2024 depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you're looking for a stylish, fun-to-drive car with zero emissions and impressive range, the all-electric Mini Cooper SE is a compelling choice. But if you value the sound and feel of a gasoline engine and the option of a manual transmission, the classic Mini Cooper Hardtop or Convertible still delivers a unique and satisfying driving experience.

Here's a quick comparison to help you decide:


mini cooper se

Mini Cooper Hardtop/Convertible





400+ km (250+ miles)

Varies depending on engine and driving style


0-100 km/h in 7.2 seconds

0-100 km/h in 6.5 seconds (Cooper S)


Sharp and playful



Modern and tech-focused

Quirky and customizable


Starting from €30,000

Starting from €26,795

No matter which Mini Cooper you choose, you're guaranteed to get a car that's full of character, puts a smile on your face, and makes every drive an adventure. So, test drive both versions and see which one speaks to your inner petrolhead (or EV enthusiast)!

Additional factors to consider:

  • Charging infrastructure: If you go electric, make sure you have access to convenient charging at home and on the go.
  • Budget: The SE is pricier than the gasoline models, but you may save money on fuel and maintenance costs in the long run.
  • Lifestyle: If you need a lot of cargo space or regularly transport passengers, the Hardtop or Convertible may be a better choice than the SE.

Ultimately, the best Mini Cooper for 2024 is the one that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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