The 2024 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport: A Sleek and Tech-Savvy Midsize SUV

The 2024 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport: A Sleek and Tech-Savvy Midsize SUV

The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is a compelling contender in the crowded midsize SUV market. Introduced in 2019, it offers a stylish alternative to the boxier traditional Atlas, catering to drivers who prioritize a sportier look without sacrificing functionality. Recently refreshed for the 2024 model year, the Atlas Cross Sport boasts a more upscale interior, a standard turbocharged engine, and a generous suite of technology features.

Striking Design with a Focus on Functionality

The Atlas Cross Sport sheds the traditional SUV look in favor of a sleeker, more aerodynamic profile. The sloping roofline gives it a coupé-like silhouette, while the bold grille and distinctive LED headlights convey a sense of sophistication. Despite its sporty appearance, the Atlas Cross Sport maintains a focus on practicality. The ample ground clearance ensures capability on light off-road excursions, and the spacious cargo area makes it a perfect choice for families or those who frequently haul gear.

Interior Comfort and Technological Advancements

Step inside the Atlas Cross Sport, and you're greeted by a noticeably upgraded cabin for 2024. Volkswagen has employed higher-quality materials throughout, creating a more refined and luxurious feel. The comfortable and supportive seats offer ample legroom and headroom for both front and rear passengers. The infotainment system is user-friendly and responsive, featuring a large touchscreen display that integrates seamlessly with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

A significant upgrade for 2024 is the inclusion of a standard digital instrument cluster. This configurable display allows drivers to personalize their viewing experience and keep essential information readily available. The Atlas Cross Sport also boasts a comprehensive suite of driver-assistance features, including forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and lane departure warning. These features enhance safety and provide peace of mind on the road.

Performance and Capability

For 2024, Volkswagen has ditched the base engine option and now equips the Atlas Cross Sport with a standard 269-horsepower turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. This new engine delivers strong and confident acceleration, making highway merging and passing maneuvers a breeze. Paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, the Atlas Cross Sport offers a smooth and comfortable ride.

While not designed for serious off-roading, the Atlas Cross Sport provides adequate capability for venturing beyond paved roads. Front-wheel drive comes standard, but all-wheel drive is available for those who desire additional traction in inclement weather or on loose surfaces. The available all-wheel-drive system seamlessly adjusts to varying road conditions, ensuring confident handling and optimal performance.

Fuel Economy and Trims

The 2024 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport offers a respectable fuel economy for its size. According to the EPA, the front-wheel-drive model achieves an estimated 21 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. Opting for all-wheel drive lowers those figures slightly to 20 mpg city and 24 mpg highway.

The Atlas Cross Sport comes in a variety of trims to suit different needs and budgets. The base SE trim offers a generous list of standard features, including the aforementioned turbocharged engine, digital instrument cluster, and a panoramic sunroof. Moving up the trim ladder unlocks additional features such as a premium sound system, heated and ventilated seats, a surround-view camera system, and adaptive cruise control.

Who is the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport For?

The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is a well-rounded midsize SUV that caters to a broad range of drivers. It's a perfect choice for:

  • Families: The spacious interior, comfortable seating, and ample cargo space make it ideal for families on the go.
  • Tech-savvy drivers: The standard digital instrument cluster and user-friendly infotainment system with smartphone integration will appeal to those who appreciate cutting-edge technology.
  • Style-conscious individuals: The Atlas Cross Sport offers a stylish alternative to the traditional boxy SUV, without sacrificing functionality.


The 2024 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is a compelling contender in the midsize SUV segment. It offers a winning combination of style, comfort, technology, and capability. With its refreshed interior, standard turbocharged engine, and comprehensive suite of driver-assistance features, the Atlas Cross Sport is a strong option for families, tech enthusiasts, and style-conscious drivers alike. If you're looking for a midsize SUV that offers a blend of sophistication, practicality, and performance, the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is definitely worth a closer look.

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