2024 Volkswagen Tiguan

2024 Volkswagen Tiguan

Rumor has it that a new Volkswagen Tiguan might appear for 2025.

Just like a lot of rumors, nothing has been confirmed. Even with a rumor swirling about the German brand’s most popular vehicle, there is no better time to look at the current Tiguan.

For this around with the popular Tiguan, we received a 2024 SE R-Line Black edition to see if it is still relevant for today’s SUV customers.

2024 Volkswagen Tiguan

The basic Tiguan remains the same -a. straightforward and practical vehicle that loves people and cargo. The 109.8-inch wheelbase remains longer than a lot of its competitors. All four doors open wide, with the rear ones continuing to be the longest in its class. The liftgate opens high for great cargo access.

For our SE R-Line Black tester, the forementioned finish gives it a sportier character. A cool set of 19-inch alloy wheels, along with a blacked-out grille set the tone for this vehicle. The Kings Red paint job gives this tester it’s personality, making it not your ordinary Tiguan.

2024 Volkswagen Tiguan

Interior-wise, there is a new customizable digital instrument cluster. Ergonomically, the Tiguan works very well. Some of the controls use haptic touch, while other switches and stalks work with good logic. The infotainment system is straightforward and easy to use. 

The black leatherette seats are supportive without inducing fatigue. The second-row seats are fine mixing support and comfort. There is plenty of passenger space for up to five people.

Cargo space starts with 37.6 cubic feet behind the second row. Folding down the second row of seats will get you up to 73.5 cubic feet available.

2024 Volkswagen Tiguan

The 2024 Tiguan is motivated by a 184-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 221 pound-feet of torque. Turbo lag is minimal and throttle response is quite good. An eight-speed automatic transmission connects this engine to a permanent 4Motion all-wheel drive system on our tester. This driveline can return a fuel economy figure of 26.3 MPG on a combined cycle.

2024 Volkswagen Tiguan

We praised the Tiguan in the past for its long wheelbase. It delivers a smooth ride, while doing its best to absorb imperfections on the road. However, the Tiguan is built for greater stability and handling when it needs it the most.

The steering system is fine. The wheel provides some feedback from the road, and it has a good turning radius for tight situations. Braking is sharp in stops with superb pedal response and feedback. It also offered great stops in normal and panic situations.

Pricing for the 2024 Volkswagen Tiguan starts at $28,880 with four trim levels to choose from. Our SE R-Line Black tester with 4Motion came with a sticker price of $37,450.

2024 Volkswagen Tiguan

Since the Tiguan arrived in its current form, it has gained competitors that have reached its size and interior space. Yet, it remains one of the most competitive segments in the automotive industry. These competitors include the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue, Hyundai Tucson, Mazda CX-5, Subaru Forester, Kia Sportage, Chevrolet Equinox, Ford Escape, Jeep Cherokee, GMC Terrain and Mitsubishi Outlander.

If you are hauling your family, commuting to work, or just taking in the pursuits of your active lifestyle, the 2024 Volkswagen Tiguan may just fit you right. However, a new model is looming in the near future. This is your chance to snap up a solid vehicle that fits your lifestyle.

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