Hey, here's a thought.
Why not get CarSoup.com on your mobile device? Just give us your phone number and we'll send you a link.

This will only be used to send a text message. Charges may apply. Pre-paid phones are not supported.

On most mobile devices, hopefully yours, just type in CarSoup.com to be automatically directed to our mobile friendly site. If that doesn't work, just enter //m.carsoup.com/.

Then you can search new and used cars while you're out and about. Or while other family members are hogging the computer. Up to you. You can also compare prices while you're out car shopping, get info about them while checking ‘em out on the lot and ultimately become a total car genius.

You can even get maps and directions to local dealers.

All in all, having carsoup.com on your mobile device is pretty much a no brainer.