Carsoup Success Stories
CarSoup has helped many people across the country sell their vehicles quickly and easily. Here are what a few of our sellers have had to say about our site and service.
"Hello, I would like to cancel my ad as my car sold in record time. A little under 3 hours to be exact. We put our ad in, went for a walk and when we returned, lo and behold, the first caller came right over and bought my car. Amazing. The testimonials I read weren't kidding. THANK YOU. "

"I am amazed at how fast our vehicle sold! I put it up at 10:30 and by 4:30 it was sold! Just wanted to let you know! I think that's fantastic. We've sold other cars a few years ago but this one went the fastest. Thanks for having such a great tool for us regular people to advertise so reasonably with! "

White Bear Lake, MN
"Thanks for running a great site. The site is easy to use, the ad is very attractive when it's set up and the price is very reasonable. If we ever have another vehicle to sell, we will absolutely use! "

River Falls, WI
"Thank You Car Soup! Our 1963 Ford wagon sold today. The gentleman called this morning for directions, and came this afternoon and purchased the car. It did take a while, but we may have had too tall a price on it. We did accept $2,500 for the car when we had it listed at $3,000. I did go to my garage and deleted the listing. Hope I did everything correctly? We will be listing more with you in the future. Thanks again! "

Steve & Mitzie
Jenkins, MN
"Thank you so much for your services. Because of your website, I listed my car on a Friday, had 5 phone call leads over the weekend, and sold the car by Monday night. You were able to give me the spectrum of car buyers that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to reach. And, I got my asking price. Thank you so much!! "

Twin Cities
"I just wanted to let you know that the vechicle I had listed with you is sold. It was a Dodge Ram 3500. Please remove the ad. You may be interested to know that the person who bought it lives 2000 miles away and flew down from Duluth Minnesota to Naples Florida to drive it home. Thank you so much."

Craig W.
Naples, FL
"Oh my gosh! We advertised our car and had 16 people call in 2 days. It sold to the first person who arrived to see it. Over 800 people had viewed our add in the 5 days we had the ad on line. Then, we advertised our camper and it sold in 18 hours with 70+ on-line hits. The same two ads would have cost us $147.60 for one week in the local paper. Thanks for the great service at a great price. "

The Ernsts
"I just wanted to thank all the people at for the great deal I found on the pick-up I bought at Johnson Bros. Ford! Keep up such a good service & in the future, if I or someone I know is looking for a vehicle, I will send them to CarSoup first!!"

John S.
"Placing my ad on CarSoup was the way to go. I barely had time to wash and vacuum the car when I started receiving calls from interested buyers. I’ll definitely use CarSoup again when the need arises."

Farmington, MN
"Thank you for your help! I bought a car and sold my old one on car soup! Thank you for the help, Ken"

Plymouth, MN
"I first advertised my car in the local newspaper; 3 lines for 7 days at a cost of $80.24 and no calls. I then advertised my 1995 Ford Thunderbird, and sold it in two weeks for a cost of $39.95 through CarSoup, with over 200 hits. I since advertised my other car and sold it in 4 weeks. There is no better place to sell cars than in CarSoup. "

St. Louis
"Dear CarSoup employees: I would like to congratulate you on this wonderful service. My wife and I just sold our third car using CarSoup. I recommend it to everyone and one of my co-workers just posted an advertisement for his car. Your site is not only amazingly user friendly but it is very effective. As long as your customers price their cars fairly it works and works well. Previously I used our local newspaper, ended paying a very large fee, and did not get a single call. Keep up the great work and I will certainly use your service in the future given the opportunity. Sincerely, "

Dave and Kelli
Minnetonka, MN
"Thanks to your website I had 3 serious inquiries and got my asking price within ten days of posting my photo ad using your service. Thank you for making my first on-line sale of a vehicle so easy and successful. "

Cleveland, OH
"Thanks so much for your prompt service!!! I read what dealership had the car I wanted from your email, contacted them and I BOUGHT the car yesterday! Thanks so much for your prompt email! "

"We listed our car on Within 4 hours we got a call. Within 3 hours, a person came to look. After one hour we got a bid! Negotiations were quick and the car is SOLD! Thank you CarSoup"

St. Paul
"Hey, All I gotta say is selling my cars on CarSoup is sooooooo easy! I love it!! I get calls daily. Hundreds if not thousands of people have looked at it in a short period of time. Thanks for the cheap low hassle way of selling a car!!"

Isle, MN
"I had ordered a new vehicle from a dealer that was soon to be delivered. In our negotiations, the trade-in appraised value was less than impressive. Having used to value my trade-in, I figured what the heck? Let's give this online market a try and listed my car after walking away from the dealer's offer. Imagine my surprise when the phone rang less than 10 minutes after posting my ad! The interested party and I arranged a meeting, the mechanic was available for the inspection, the financing came together and we had the whole tamale wrapped up in less than 5 hours. Best of all, the selling price was $2,750 higher than what the dealer offered for my trade-in. Thank you,! I can't recommend your service more highly. You made the task of selling my car painless and hugely successful. When the time comes again, I will definitely list with you again. "

Paul K.
"Today I have sold my 2004 Camry XLE, thanks to your service. The buyer surfaced even before I could get you to put in the picture! It was a quick and easy solution, and one I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. "

"We just sold our car in under 6 hours! We couldn't have done it without you folks at CarSoup! "

"We just want to thank you for the great success we had using with selling our son's motorcycle. I didn't initially have a picture but just in just a couple days after submitting it to you by mail it was added. Our ad was only at for a little over a week and we had a sale. Thanks again and we will use your site again in the future. "

St. Louis, MO
"Unbelievable! I started getting calls on my car the morning after placing my ad, and it sold to the first person who looked at it--for my asking price. My ad was viewed 198 times in five days, and I received at least eight inquiries. And creating an account and getting my ad up and running couldn't have been easier. Thanks, CarSoup! "

Maplewood, MO
"Just wanted to say thanks for your site!! I listed my car on Monday and by Wednesday night, it was sold, all in about 48 hours. My brother listed his truck last week Thursday and it was sold on Saturday morning, in less than 48 hours. Your site is wonderful for buyers. I will now use it to purchase my new vehicle. Thanks So Much!!"

Stevens Point, WI
"Just wanted to let you guys know that Car Soup has proven successful in facilitating the sale of 7 or 8 of my vehicles in the past. Most recently my Harley Davidson motorcycle which sold in January!! Incredible. I do not even consider any other venue to list vehicles I need to sell, Car Soup has proven to have a 100% success rate for me in the twin cities area. "

Twin Cities
"…just a thank you for your help in selling my car. I listed a 1998 Toyota Camry last Tuesday and sold it on Saturday morning! Regards, Tom "

"Thanks to I sold my car in only a week! My hats off to you and the service you provide."

"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you thanks. I have used your services to find the last two vehicles I have purchased. It was soooo much better then going to the same old car lots and looking at what they have and making due. To be able to sit in my room, look at the tons of vehicles has made the job of searching for the right vehicle at the price I can deal with so nice. Thanks "

L.R. Evans Jr.
"I just wanted to say thanks for help ing me sell my Rialta RV thru CarSoup and Local 12. I have told my friends about CarSoup and will gladly recommend CarSoup to anyone. Thanks once again for the help!"

"WOW - this was a fabulous way to sell my car - I have several interested buyers, and it sold for cash within 48 hours of my listing. I am thrilled and will definitely use carsoup again if I have another vehicle to sell and will recommend this service to others. I was impressed. Thanks!!!"

Plymouth, MN
"Sold my Van , only had 4 inquiries and it was gone, the people drove 5 hours to look at it here in Marshall, Mn and gave us CASH!! I'm very happy with Car Soup and will use it again and now my husband is going to look for a different vehicle for himself."

Marshall, MN
"I just used CarSoup for the first time to sell my 97 Saturn. Within 24 hours I had a full-price offer, and we transferred title this morning. CarSoup is user-friendly, and it works!"

"Just wanted to say thanks! I sold in one day!!!! You guys rock! "

Twin Cities
"Sirs; Thank You for your wonderful service. I sold my RV yesterday to a couple from Pa. your listing service made it all happen. they loved the pictures of the insides that were included, and that was the strongest selling point, It was listed less than 2 weeks, Thank You again.. "

"THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I just sold my 88 honda accord LXi about 5mins.ago!! I got the price I wanted. You guys/ladies did a great job in helping me with my pics.!! I got 222 hits in three and a half days! Which avgs. out to be just over 63 hits a day!!! WOW!!!! I WILL tell all my friends about carsoup!! "

Bethel, MN